Beaming Success

Jason Dabbs, Director of Beaming Success
Based at the University of Wolverhampton's Science Park, Beaming success delivers products that are at the forefront of digital display technologies.
Working closely with some of the UK's largest AV display specialists they deliver a complete solution for display and advertising needs.


The company wanted the project to investigate creating a system to connect physical objects to Facebook. The idea was to allow users to like a showcased object in Facebook (i.e. car, exhibition stand etc.) by just "touching" (i.e. swiping a card or a wristband).  The assist was to be a proof of concept investigation and would illustrate uses of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.


After researching the Facebook authentication process and its integration into Facebook, it was established that it was feasible to have an NFC tag (e.g.  embedded in a wristband) to authenticate the user.  A purpose-built third party application, 'Wristband Touch' would then post on the user's wall on their behalf.    This means that a Facebook user can use an NFC enabled wristband to 'like' a product or service by swiping the band over an NFC reader, which then posts details onto the users wall.   Almost any content can be published – this includes posting comments, uploading photos, and performing check-ins.

An example of how this can be used is within Events and Exhibitions.  Exhibitors can arrange to have an NFC reader visible on their exhibition stand which promotes their goods or services.  Delegates to the event can pre-programme their wristbands to be connected to their Facebook profile and, upon arrival at the event, can use these to like various products and services as they make their way around the exhibition.

NFC tags can also containing information such as contact details (similar to a business card), links to company websites and other online content.  Social Media such as LinkedIn and Twitter can also be accessed using this system.  The NTAILS team also looked at ways in which NFC enabled Android phones could be used as NFC readers - effectively removing the need for an NFC reader and laptop.  Research also included looking at items that could be home to NFC tags such as jewellery, to make them more user friendly and attractive.

Jason Dabbs, Director of Beaming Success said 'Thanks to the support and skills of the team at IT Futures and the NTAILS project, we now have a fully operational prototype system that we will be looking to develop into an end user product. As we already supply a range of innovative interactive digital displays we hope that with the use of sensor technologies, we can manufacture our own range of interactive kiosks.'

About the Consultant:

Piero Filippin is a senior consultant in IT Futures.  He has more than 15 years ICT involvement with industry, 4 of which have been spent providing RFID Consultancy, training and solutions.  He is currently managing the West Midlands Regional Centre for Radio Frequency Identification at the University of Wolverhampton and is the Senior Technical Consultant on the NTAILS Project.

IT Futures is based at the University of Wolverhampton and brings together the expertise of the University's School of Technology to businesses across the West Midlands Region.

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The NTAILS project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund