How NTAILS Can Assist Your Business

Automatic Identification


Automatic Identification Systems (AIDC) improve efficiency through the incorporation of reliable and robust technologies for automatic identification of assets and people, such as stock control and access control systems.  Furthermore, technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allow the rapid identification of multiple assets simultaneously, thus reducing error and streamlining the stock control process. 

AIDC technologies also include Near Field Communication (NFC), Quick Response  codes (QR Codesand barcodes.

At the NTAILS Demonstrator Centre in Telford, companies will have the opportunity to view the technologies close up and also be assisted on the application of AIDC systems to their business.




LocationKnowing the real-time location of vehicles and goods in transit can improve productivity and reduce your carbon footprint.

Through NTAILS we can support those companies looking at utilising location based services such as Global Positioning System (GPS).

NTAILS can not only advise on the technologies available but also how to integrate them into software and real-time web solutions.



SensingMonitoring of goods and environmental variables allows a faster response within critical systems such as food production, healthcare and transportation.

Through NTAILS we can demonstrate how in real-time, your company can benefit from sensor technologies such as temperature, humidity and critical system monitoring.

Through software integration alerts can be sent through a range of mediums including the web and mobile devices to keep you up to date wherever you are.


The NTAILS project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund