Why INITIATIVE is best for your business

Personalised advice and consultancy, independent of any supplier

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We don't have products to sell or any point of view to push. We simply take an overview of what is currently on the market and structure our advice according to your requirements.

That's why we are in a unique position to help you select the most cost effective solutions.

Much of the latest software and hardware is installed in our labs at our offices, where you can see it in action before committing to a purchase.

We can loan out equipment for evaluation purposes at no extra cost. We have a wide range of hardware and software ready for loan, including desktop PCs, printers, laptops, tablet PCs, PDAs, graphics tablets, graphic design software, CAD software and accountancy packages.

Or if a custom built solution suits your requirements better don't forget our team of developers who can write applications in Visual Basic, PHP or ASP and link them to MS SQL Server, MySQL and Microsoft Access databases, enabling you to manage your own dynamic website.

We also provide comprehensive installation, training and support to help you get the maximum benefit from your new equipment. We make no commission from this and it's provided completely free, as part of our five days' consultancy offer.