What are QR Codes?

Written by Delroy Ricketts.

QR Codes (quick response code) is another comparable technology. Created by a Japanese company called ‘Denso Wave’ the QR Code is really an evolution on the bar code. Establishing its self in the early 1990’s, QR Codes are 2 dimensional in that it can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters, because the data is read both horizontally and vertically from the printed codes. “QR Code data capacity for numeric data only is 7,089 characters and the alphanumeric data capacity is 4,296 characters”(Edmund Jenks, 2006). So, they can store more information than barcodes in the way they are printed. It is a visual concept that still requires a line of sight reader to capture the data but like the EAN/UPC barcodes they are designed for speed reading and can be read within a 360 degree radius of sight, and it’s not just propriety readers that can access the data. The data needs to be captured via a digital capture device.The format has been seen to lend well in marketing and publicity sectors.  The distribution of information via the codes is normally printed. However, the code can be read as long as it’s visible and possible to capture the image digitally so weather its projected on a screen or printed.

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