Gary Burke -Managing Director at
Burke Bros

BURKE BROS is the UK and International Removal Group for home, commercial and overseas moves – setting a high standard in a demanding industry. The team achieve their goals by combining a professional, top quality service with the understanding and action on their clients’ specific needs.


Gary Burke first came across the NTAILS project to better understand if AIDC technology could be used for tracking containers. He attended a free NTAILS seminar, “Using Barcodes in Manufacturing and Warehousing” and also visited the Demonstration Centre. As a result, he decided to collaborate with the NTAILS team to investigate the use of AIDC technologies within his business.

Joel introduced coloured QR coding into our international side of the business designing coloured QR/bar codes representing different countries and these have been used at Exhibitions at Earls Court London and Birmingham already. Our national marketing campaign has changed and has resulted in new web designs and has made the company become more innovative. We extended the placement so that further projects could be worked on which is helping Burke Bros move ahead of our competitors with technological solutions to our business and marketing plans.


The team explained and contrasted the use of QR Codes and Data Matrices for object identification. The team also described different types of barcode reading hardware and their suitability for different situations. In addition, the use of GS1 standards was introduced, which can be used to encode a wide range of information types and can be used across different business sectors.


garryb2Joel Janwijit - STEP Placement at Burke BrosGary undertook the recommendations from the NTAILS team and wanted to continue the collaboration. This was done by recruiting a recent Computer Science graduate for a three month placement at the company to continue the investigation. Joel made significant progress in introducing QR Codes to the Burke Brothers business. These are now used within the company website, on printed materials and at exhibitions. Gary Burke was so satisfied with these accomplishments that he extended the placement and is continuing with further trials into the use of these technologies.

Going on a placement is a great experience and an excellent way of gaining exposure to the world of work. This experience with Burke Bros has allowed me to turn my knowledge gained from University into practical skills for the workplace.

About the Consultant:

Rajiv Dhanjal is an information technology consultant at IT Futures. He has more than twenty five years’ experience in utilising ICT within industry and the SME community. Rajiv currently works on the NTAILS project providing technical advice, guidance and support.

IT Futures is based at the University of Wolverhampton and brings together the expertise of the University's School of Technology to businesses across the West Midlands Region.

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The NTAILS project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund