Liz Munro

Liz Munro,
Broadcast Compliance Consultant

Liz Munro is an experienced BBC television news reporter and former editorial policy advisor. Her company provides assistance with Editorial Compliance to radio stations and television broadcasters.


Liz Munro came across the NTAILS project, through social media channels, whilst she was conducting research into QR Codes. She came to the NTAILS Centre to discuss her requirements as well as to tour the facilities and to experience the range of automatic identification and data capture technologies on display. As a result, she wanted to learn more about QR Codes and Near Field Communication, with a view to utilising them within her business.

After doing a tour of the NTAILS Demonstration Centre I realised the potential to adapt QR technology to my area of business. I was thrilled to put what I learned into practice to make it easy and simple for potential new clients to get in touch.


The project team showed Liz Munro the different ways QR Codes were being used in the NTAILS Demonstration Centre. They discussed additional uses of QR Codes and also ways in which Liz might be able to use them within her business. They then trained Liz in creating QR Codes herself and in making them eye catching and attention grabbing. Liz Munro also asked about NFC tags and she received training in how to program them for her own purposes.


Liz Munro wasted no time. She immediately started to practise creating different types of QR Codes of her own and checking their suitability for her needs. She first created a customised and eye-catching QR Code for her business card. She then created a QR Code for her website; it allows a user to easily send a pre-written SMS text message to her mobile phone, asking her to call them back to discuss compliance.
Liz has also produced marketing flyers that incorporate QR Codes and has other uses for QR Codes and NFC tags in mind.

About the Consultant:

Rajiv Dhanjal is an information technology consultant at IT Futures. He has more than twenty five years’ experience in utilising ICT within industry and the SME community. Rajiv currently works on the NTAILS project providing technical advice, guidance and support.

IT Futures is based at the University of Wolverhampton and brings together the expertise of the University's School of Technology to businesses across the West Midlands Region.

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