Managing your Brand in a Global Marketplace

With the rise of the Internet and the integration of social media into our daily lives the way that we communicate and interact with those around us has changed to the point that we are now part of a global community. This means that it has now become an integral part of business to connect with clients and to be able to engage with them on a level that was previously unseen.

Whilst it is still important for businesses to have a web presence, they also need to be aware that social media has now become a vital part of business marketing campaigns. With the advances in cloud technologies there has been a rise in the number of tools available to help business not only to proactively engage in a more agile way with their audience, but also to analyse what their clients want by tapping into cloud based big data sources which allow businesses to make informed decisions and become more agile in approach.

Social media brand management: The use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media outlets is becoming more and more important in the way that we design marketing strategies. How you manage and portray your online brand profile in the global marketplace is fast becoming vital to ensure that you are able to socially engage with your clients using cloud based marketing solutions.

Campaign management: If you have a new product to launch or a new service that you want people to know about, how do you go about getting the maximum marketing potential from it? With cloud based campaign management tools you are able to quickly set up, manage and monitor whether the campaigns have been successful or not.

Web metrics: How do you measure the success of your social media campaigns and more importantly do you know why your campaign succeeded or failed? By using web metrics you are able to measure and analyse the reach and success of your marketing campaigns so that you can be aware of how to better market yourself to your audience and increase your company's online visibility. This achieved by monitoring both your competition’s and your own performance.

Content aware media: The way that we interact with the internet has also been changed by the increase use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Whilst this means that more and more people are able to access your data from wherever they are it is also important that your website, media streams or other online marketing materials are able to be viewed properly on these devices. To display your content properly on these devices you will need to be aware of their display environment and the use of technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

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