Interacting with your clients through the Cloud

Just having a presence on the web is no longer good enough for your business to be successful online, you now need to be social media savvy enough to connect with clients and engage with them on a level that previously was unseen with traditional client management.

With the advances in cloud technologies there has been a rise in the number of tools available to help business proactively engage with their audience but also to analyse what their clients want by tapping into cloud based big data sources and allowing businesses to make informed decisions and become more  agile in approach.

Through the agile project we are able to advise on a range of security issues that your business may face in the real world. These include.

Email campaigns will enable you to update your clients as to special offers, allow you to target your campaigns to specific clients groups, monitor whether someone opened and read the email or just sent it to the deleted items.  

Collaborating on documents with screen sharing software and video conferencing software will allow you to share you product designs and given presentation to potential customers with our having to go on a expensive journey that could potentially take you away from the office for hours at a time.

Host Webinars that will allow you to remotely connect with an audience to deliver multimedia content to inform, train and promote either one way or with interaction.

Social Media Be connected to your potential client base 24/7 by using such social media tools as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to help to drive traffic towards your website and be able to raise your influence and awareness.

Video conferencing will also enable you to hold meetings, share your latest product details and even work together


The Agile Office Project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund